View Full Version : 3d models of Products on turbosquid - Apple says NO - "take down notice"

10-03-2014, 04:03 PM
Just got an email from turbosquid to let me know that my 3d models of Apple products have been pulled as Apple has put in a request
for any 3d model of their product range is in violation of copyright.

see below:

"Please be aware that TurboSquid has received a takedown from Apple preventing artists from posting products that depict certain third-party intellectual property (“IP”), such as the Apple product(s) now seen in the “Await Review” folder of your Publisher."

"This message is to notify you that with your best interest in mind we have disabled the product(s) from your store in order to comply with the request of the IP owner.
You have submitted the product(s) to the TurboSquid system under the Royalty Free License, and you might want to consider re-publishing the product(s) by affixing notice of Editorial use limitations for customers.
Please visit the following webpage for an explanation including a link to our FAQ-for-customers about Editorial limitations:"

If you do choose to republish the disabled product(s) with the required notice of the Editorial use limitations, you can do this in the Publisher link above. To do this, access the product(s) in the “Await Review.” When editing, go to “Step 3: Description & License.” There you can change the licensing to "Editorial Uses Only."

10-03-2014, 08:34 PM
At least there is a remedy.

Oedo 808
10-03-2014, 10:21 PM
I wonder how many dustbin.obj have received a take down notice.

10-04-2014, 12:57 AM
God I hate Apple.

10-04-2014, 03:45 AM
If all they're asking is the license be changed, it's not such a bad thing.