View Full Version : TriCaster SD- Unsupported Project Format Error

10-03-2014, 01:17 PM
Applies to: TriCaster Duo, 100, Pro, Studio, and Broadcast
Problem Description and Steps to Verify/Reproduce

When launching “Tricaster Live Production”, an error message appears stating “Unsupported Project Format” preventing access to “Live Production”

-Verifying and Reproducing
Attempt to launch the Tricaster Software.

Did an error message appear stating “Unsupported Project Format”?
Does the system appear to be frozen at this point?

If so, then proceed with the rest of this article.

Steps to Fix / Workaround

Correcting this problem is a two phase process starting with (A) deleting the “My DDR Projects” folder and then (B) resetting the configuration files as follows:

A. Deleting the “My DDR Projects” folder-

With the error “Unsupported Project Format” on screen, Press “Ctrl” + ‘V’ + ‘T’ on the keyboard. This will force quit TriCaster Live Production and leave us on the “Admin Screen”.
Double-click “My Computer” on the desktop
Now double click the “C:” drive
Once you are in the C drive open the TriCaster folder
From here go to “UserData”, then the User Folder with Your User Name:


You will see a folder named “My DDR Projects” Right-click on the folder and select Delete.
Close all the windows till we are looking at the desktop again.

B. Resetting the configuration files:

From the desktop Click-on the Reset Configurations button.
As part of the process you will see a black window open. Within the window text will scroll by, this is the diagnostic running. During this time you may see entries stating “could not find…” this is normal. Wait for the diagnostic to finish, when it does the black window will close on its own.
You can now start TriCaster by clicking on the “Launch TriCaster” button in the bottom left corner.

NOTE: Before the software will launch it will ask you to “Auto-Calibrate”, click OK on this prompt.The “Auto-cal” process wlill take anywhere from 4-10 minutes. Afterwards the software will finish launching and you can continue with normal operation.