View Full Version : New Tally Light From metaSETZ

10-03-2014, 08:09 AM
We are now shipping the TL-2 v2.0 Tally Light (http://www.metasetz.com/tally-lights/tl-2-v2-0-tally-light/). It's compatible with any metaSETZ tally controller. Housed in a new smaller frosted polycarbonate enclosure with more lit surface area to provide an easy to see tally light for your on camera talent.

The improved shoe mount system lets you securely mount the light on any camera in a number of different configurations.

Using the intercom pass-through feature of one of our tally controllers like the TLC-8S the 3.5mm jack on the TL-2 can be used to feed a signal to your intercom belt pack or even directly to headphones. This can eliminate an extra cable run since the intercom and tally systems share a cable.

Available from any metaSETZ dealer (http://www.metasetz.com/find-a-dealer-2/) world wide and of course Digital Arts (http://www.digarts.com/metasetz-tl-2/)