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09-29-2014, 11:02 AM

This is the uppermost section of the Streaming Configuration Panel. It contains controls for creating and managing Connection presets, along with familiar web browser navigation tools


A simple set of navigation controls is provided above the Web Browser viewport.


Easily recognizable Backward, Forward and Refresh buttons operate just like those on a typical web browser. The URL field allows you to type in a webpage address, and access it using the Go button at right.


The operation of the Home button varies a bit from standard browser usage, and a little explanation might be useful.


Recall that this is not a general-purpose web browser. It is here to let you access the main account page you use for a specific Connection, rather than a ‘landing page’ for everyday browsing. The Home Page for one Connection will often be different than that of another.


The URL field above the viewport always displays the current URL (web page address). A second URL field (labeled Home) is located below. This is the Home Page for the current Connection. (To copy the address for the currently displayed webpage into the Home field for the Connection, click the Return button at right of the Home field ). Afterward, clicking the Home button in the navigation control group at upper center will return you to this location.