View Full Version : Surface memory problem!

09-27-2014, 02:57 PM
1. I create a unigue character with the name (X) in DAZ 4.6 Professional
2. I then add three different BVH files to the character and save then separately
3. I export the character (X) with all textures as three separate FBX files
4. I import the first FBX file into LW 11.6
5. I adjust all texture maps and save them as separate surface files in Lightwave format (*.srf)
6. I save use the option in Layout to "save all objects" to let Layout memorize all items and settings in the scene
7. I save the first FBX as a native Lightwave scene file (*.lws)

Then the problem starts when I import the second FBX file from DAZ. Even if I spend some time on adjusting every texture map on character (X) that was exported with the first FBX file from DAZ I of course understand why Layout or Modeler behave this way but itīs so time consuming to edit each and every surface for the same object every time it is imported with a new and different FBX motion file attached to itself.

My question is if there is a routine, script or program module I can use to adapt all edited texture maps from the first Lightwave object and scene to every following character (X) file?