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09-26-2014, 10:06 AM

I'm still coming to grips with LW's workflow and modeling (an old XSI guy here) and am having a helluva time trying to find out what tool does what, where it is found, what it's called, etc. I posted a question about setting a "hotkey" to the Search function and stuff like that.

Anyway...it dawned on me that it would be really useful for new folks using LW to have a "Pop-up Tool Tip" feature similar to ZBrush. For those unfamiliar with it, there is a thing in ZBrush where when you have the mouse over something (say, a button), ZBrush can pop up a window on it that gives you all the 'help' information about it. Of course, this could/should be able to be turned on/off in preferences...but it sure would be nice to instantly find out what and how "Bevel Plus" differs from "Bevel", for example.


Paul L. Ming

09-26-2014, 11:50 AM
Believe me, you're preaching to the choir. The only thing you left out is "user-editable" so we can swap BETTER descriptions, or add to them for 3rdParty tools and such.

Been asked for, for DECADES. Any type of documentation is not a hard sell, it's a NO SALE to the dev team.

09-26-2014, 05:18 PM
+1 - at-a-glance documentation would help get in the flow. LW is a nice collection of tools and reaching the point of figuring out how to interconnect them all takes a bit of learning. Easing that learning is a welcome support.

09-26-2014, 05:56 PM
Send a request to fogbugz. It can go in the pile with all my documentation requests.

09-26-2014, 10:50 PM
It's a great idea. I can make tooltips in javascript for AfterEffects. I would hope it's not hard in LightWave but there are so many UI issues I wouldn't be surprised if it was.