View Full Version : Pulling threads..

11-26-2003, 04:52 PM
..and I don't mean in your jumper!

Recently I've posted to a few threads, only to find that they mysteriously dissappeared. I know some of them were heading into dodgy/inappropriate areas and this is Newteks board, so they can choose to kill threads if they wish.

That said, it's a bit unnerving to find a thread spring up, make a few contributions and then find it's as though it never existed.

Naturally, since I've often contributed to these threads, I wonder "is it me?".

I think it would be good that if a thread is closed, that at least a placeholder is left around for a few days, so that we can know why it was closed and to stop me from searching around for some thread that no longer exists and who's exact title I can't remember!

Alternatively send a message to respondents so they know what's happenned. Can vbulletin do that?

Maybe it's an X-files thing...