View Full Version : Hover Car Rig Question

09-23-2014, 05:08 PM
Oy. I been following Bryphi's sweet car rig tutorial on youtube. I used the motion modifier instead of the displacement modifier tho. I varied it since the rig is for a hover car and can slide around on the x/z plane. Question is does anyone know how to add "wiggle" to the pitch and bank rotation? The rig is great now but after the chassis lags it just softly goes to the correct position if that makes sense. How do I get it "overcompensate" and rotate in the opposite direction and then back and forth till it settles?

Could a scalar sine node work if it was somehow "dampened" to taper off with time? Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated.

Here's a still of the chassis nodes. the top four motion info are for the four engines that substitute for tires.124451