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09-21-2014, 10:44 AM
Slight problem with installing Ozone Trial in Mac LW 10.1. The installation instructions say (in the configure menu) to "Right click on Main Menu and select Import Branch". As near as I can tell there is no "import branch" to click on. Am I doing something wrong
or the instructions aimed at later versions of Lightwave? Btw: the ozone plug ins are installed and when I try to add volumetric, I get the message "The ozone plug-in has no interface". Any help would be appreciated.

09-21-2014, 11:56 AM
You have to find the ozone.cfg, or something like that which is a bit tricky to find. As I have removed Ozone from my computers, I don't recall where it is, but I think it's in the applications/ozone/environment/lightwave or something like that. Anyway, the path should be described in the manual.
I never got Ozone PLE to work on my iMac nor my MBA on 11+
I hope you'll be luckier !
As for the ozone interface, you get it from the menu branch, not directly.

09-22-2014, 08:11 PM
I think you may be misinterpreting where you're supposed to be right-clicking to get the "Import Branch" context menu option. You need to open the Menu Editor, and then in the list on the right side of the Menu Editor, locate the item named "Main Menu". That is the "Main Menu" you're supposed to be right-clicking to see the "Import Branch" option. Once you select the Import Branch option, you'll be presented with a file selector, and you need to navigate to wherever the ozone.cfg file (as CaptainMarlowe mentioned) is located on your disk.

Hope that helps!

09-27-2014, 01:09 PM
Got It To Work!!!

Thanks to CaptainMarlowe & Jwiede