View Full Version : Title Pages: Working with Stand-in Images

09-11-2014, 03:40 PM

Images embedded in Title Pages may be locked, or they may be editable stand-ins.


When you roll the mouse over an embedded image and a yellow border is displayed around the image, the image is a stand-in. Click stand-in images to open the File Browser, allowing you to select a replacement image file. You can find out which, if any images are unlocked (stand-ins) and which are locked, ant toggle the status of any image. Hold down the Shift key while rolling around inside the Title Page. With Shift depressed, a red border is shown around any locked image under the cursor. Stand-in (unlocked) images display a green border on roll-over when Shift is depressed. To toggle the stand-in/locked status for an image, left-click it with Shift depressed. Right-click images to access a menu providing optional methods of fitting the source image to its frame.

Choose Stretch to completely fill the frame.
Fill Area retains the interested image’s original aspect, cropping if necessary.
Show All Image also retains the original image aspect, but may result in ‘pillar-boxing’ or ‘letter-boxing’ within the target frame.