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09-11-2014, 12:37 PM

Bitmap images can be used as Title Graphics. However, TriCaster’s native title pages can be edited, even while displayed live (not possible with a simple bitmap image). Each Title Page thumbnail in the Graphics bin displays a configuration button (the gear icon) when you move the mouse over them. Click this button or select Edit Title in the context menu to open the Title Page.


When you move the mouse over text in the Title Page Editor, a white bounding-box appears. Click to select the text object for editing. An edit field opens to let you modify the text. Press Enter or click outside the box to complete the editing operation. Keystroke shortcusts are available to help you edit a selected text object:

Any character(s) – the current text is replaced by the new character(s).
Home – cursor before the first character of the current text.
End – cursor after the last character of the current string.
Delete – text input box opens empty
Backspace – last character deleted, cursor at the end.
Tab – next field ( Shift + Tab, prior field).
Up or Left Arrow key – cursor between the last two characters.
Down or Right Arrow key – cursor at the end.