View Full Version : character: Atara

11-26-2003, 08:18 AM
here's Atara
hope you like her:)

and as always another character will be coming in a few days:D

thanks for any comments


11-26-2003, 08:21 AM
i'll post this cuz i think it's funny

she doesn't get along good with my other characters

11-26-2003, 08:22 AM
Man, that is so good! Very good job on the modeling, render, and poses!
I love the way the skirt just flows out. Nice and realistic. :D http://vbulletin.newtek.com/images/icons/icon14.gif

Sweet, I'm glad you posted that tripping picture. I wasn't sure if you were. :D

11-26-2003, 08:46 AM
Nice renders. Nice glow on the skin, too.

Great stuff.

11-27-2003, 06:23 AM
thanks guys
here's some wireframe views

11-27-2003, 01:11 PM
great work!

best one yet!

just keep them commin`:)

11-27-2003, 01:12 PM
..AND a nicely compressed image aswell

Zafar Iqbal
11-28-2003, 03:26 PM
Hey! Make her stop fooling around with boys! :P

Great renderings and great model - i love the glowish look.

11-28-2003, 07:10 PM
good job astro-sanchez i have been watching your WIP thread with this model and it has come a long way

1 thing, your red background makes the wrap on the sword go invisible and it looks like its seperate pieces.

11-28-2003, 09:02 PM

i think she needs a pistol in a holder around her waist.
just my opinion though

wow that sword looks so awesome!

11-28-2003, 09:21 PM
The red section of the sword handle is hard to see against the red backdrop.

11-30-2003, 08:39 PM
:D yeah i see that now
oh well i don't have the layered psd file anymore
so it's fine hehe

thanks for the comments
and i'm on a new one maybe you've seen the wip thread
anyway til the next one :)

11-30-2003, 11:40 PM
Great work..... but I wanted to ask a question for so long.... how the heckk do you move the dress part of the object.... bones ? MD ? Both ?

11-30-2003, 11:46 PM
it's all bones the skirt part would have it's own weight map

here's a pic of the rig i think this pose is the first pose on the top left
but you can see all the bones:)


12-01-2003, 12:52 AM
Thanks for sharing Astro.... now that's a cool riging.... would it be not too hard to manage in an animation... but then maybe you could combine (after the anim is made I mean with the bones) with MD... I seam to remember an old tut with MD & bones combined for a bat wing animation....

Anyway, great character, lots of life in it...

Thanks again Astro....