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11-26-2003, 05:06 AM
Which is best PCI Slot for VT3, 32bit or 64bit. In the manual speaks about performance differences if VT3 and Video Drives sharing a 64bit PCI Bus. So does this mean VT3 will perform better in a 64bit PCI Slot? Could slot 5 which is PCI 64/66 be a better slot for the VT3 Card?

My Configuratio is:
Dual P4 2.4 Gig Xeon
Intel SE7505VB2
2Gigs of Ram
120 Gig Sys Drive
3ware 7506 Controller Card
4 80 Gig Video Drives Raided at 0
NVidia Ti4600
VT3 Card in slot 2 (PCI 32/33)
Firewire Card slot 3 (PCI 32/33)
3ware Controller in slot 4 (PCI-X 64/100)
Slot 1 PCI (32/33) Open
Slot 5 PCI (PCI 64/66) Open

Michael Englyst
11-26-2003, 05:20 AM
Put the VT-Card in a 32-bit slot. It does not benefit from a 64-bit slot. Save that for future needs :) And then you won't have bandwidth problems, when your 3Ware controller is in a 64-bit slot and VT in a 32-bit slot.

So leave it the way it is. :)

11-26-2003, 07:18 AM
Thank you