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11-26-2003, 03:37 AM
NTLDR missing

hi ,

I have a pretty radical problem, I was doing a check of main disk, and found a fix system thingy, so that was saying next time I'll start the computer, It'll check for eventual errors, now I restarted, and it stop saying always

"NTLDR is missing,
press Ctrl + Alt + del to restart"

so I do, same stuff......

do you know what is happening ??


for info, the message is coming right after the mouse initialized....

jeez I cannot even shut it off.... unless I pull the power cord off the computer... should I ??

It is on win2000, dual amd1900

11-26-2003, 03:51 AM
You appear to have lost part of your boot environment. Tricky. You might like to ask on some of the windows newsgroups as to the best way to go.


11-26-2003, 08:56 AM
thanks Pauland, I re-installed windows

A Mejias
11-26-2003, 12:26 PM
You don't have to reinstall Windows. If you made "ERD" floppys you could restore your boot files from that. You should also be able to repear your boot files from the install disk without having to reinstall all of Windows.

I highly recomend using a disk imaging program like Ghost, TrueImage or Drive Image to backup your Boot/System partition and restore it when things don't work correctly. This works best when you partition your drive into Boot/System, Document and Temp partitions.

Also always keep you Boot/System partition as FAT32 not NTFS. It's much easier to fix problems that way. In your case it could have been just one file that was missing and could have been copied from your ERD floppys or boot floopys.

The Windows Resource Kits have lot's of great info on recovery, but I still find the easiest and fastes to be making disk images.