View Full Version : Instancing: per-item instance >type< + settings: good idea or bad idea?/ Linking

09-04-2014, 09:38 AM
So, I'm exploring Instancing and I'm reminded that, apparently, for any given Instancer there's only one TYPE, i.e. Array, Surface, Particles, etc. This is the portion of the GENERATION tab above the divider line.

I understand how this makes sense if you want to distribute several Objects in a weighted manner all using the same "spray-gun".

Would it be USEFUL and convenient to allow one instancer to allow PER OBJECT Type settings? IOW, one "instancer object" could be distributing a given object on a Surface, and a second Object via ARray, and so on, or they could have some other parameter differing from their fellow Instanced Object.

This would keep them all on the same panel, rather than forcing a user to switch between Instancers to access other types of generation.

DEPRECATED, SEE BELOW: One way to implement this would be via a "link" switch: the current behaviour is essentially ALL OBJECTS LINKED. This new feature would allow users to have unlinked, instanced Objects that have different Generator TYPE settings, all in the same instancer panel.

Underneath, in the plumbing, this could all be implemented via separate Instancers, just like one does now, but the UI would change to allow users the illusion of working w/one Instancer. The big gain is to keep them all on one panel.

One issue: when Objects are linked to existing linked groups, which object's settings are the preferred ones?

EDIT: rather than "linking", I think GROUPING would be superior in terms of user clarity.