View Full Version : Mograph: Cody's tutorial: nodes replacing envelopes, saving time/data separation

08-30-2014, 02:09 PM
In this tutorial:

(also available at lightwave3d.com/learn/ )

Cody goes all olde-school on the envelopes ( ~6:45 ) by copy/pasting/inverting the Weight envelopes on the target meshes.

Question: is there a nodal way to replace this operation? In particular, is it POSSIBLE to connect (and invert) the Weight value of one ARRIVE director with the value of another?

Why? Currently the envelopes are sorta static, non-interactive: redoing one requires re-doing another. It would be desirable if they were automatically the inverse of each other. Practically, one would be the master, and the other the dependent and inverse.

And a more general question: what are the limitations of the Node Editor in acquiring values from other Node Editors? Are there evaluation order issues? Do specific nodes with Item Selectors need to be written to get at arbitrary data?

EDIT: it occurs to me that while a nodal solution may/may not exist, Expressions would probably be the logical way to do this.