View Full Version : Can't find it in the dox? Report as bug!!! // unfindability is a bug

08-30-2014, 10:47 AM
Proton's recent well-thought article about using time correctly at least has moved me to try to make more positive posts. If one can't stay away, at least one can try to be a little constructive.

So, in the interest of improving Lightwave, I'd like to remind people that omissions in the documentation should be reported as bugs. This is the official approved way to report them.

So, if you can't find even a MENTION of feature (iirc, I recently couldn't find anything on MD_Baker), please report it.

BUT, even if something actually IS in the dox, but you can't find it, THAT IS ALSO A BUG. Unfindable documentation might just as well not been written. So please report instances of that too.

I'm not sure why but the global and/or multi-file PDF Search in Adobe Reader doesn't seem to find everything it should. That is Not Good. But the more LW3dG knows about these instances, the better for all.