View Full Version : Bones and rigging character

11-25-2003, 10:16 PM
Hi, i have a few questions about character rigging.
I have a cartoon-type character, in four layers:
1.The head
2.Eyes, Lash and Brows, Teeth
3.The body and hair
4.The clothes
5.The Skelegons
I want to rig the character, and the clothes too,so i merge them in one layer.
Can't i have them in separated layer but still have the same bones?
BTW, so i have the merged one rigged, and even i used weight map, the shoes seems acted like parts of the skin, but the clothes/shoes is intercept with the skin. :(

And another on bones:
I have a fully IK-ed bones using the tutorial from the Chris Olsen tutorial, and i try to make a walk cycle, but when i finished the first step and i try to play it, the hand bones is kinda left and the legs isn't animated well. But when i select/moved the handle null, the bones is back in place where they supposed to be. What's wrong? Or i supposed to used Messiah?
I hear that messiah is great for rigging character in LW. LW rig is quite hard.

Thanx. :{