View Full Version : Speed Modeling Challenge - Is it dead?

08-29-2014, 07:39 AM
Is the speed modeling challenge dead? I think I only participated once, but I enjoyed viewing the entries. Iím sure time has a lot to do with the falloff, although it is only an Ďhourí supposedly.

If its due to lack of interest, would there be interest in replacing it with a rendering challenge? I was thinking a render challenge could provide a simple model, say a box. You'd be allowed to create as many instances of the object as you like and add any other objects to the scene you like. The key is that you'd also be given a subject or mood that was your goal, like mysterious, a stage setting, a rural setting, etc. No one hour time limit though, you'd just have a week to submit the entry. Just a thought since it looks like SMC is on its last legs.