View Full Version : Texture displacement on huge objects

03-05-2003, 11:26 AM
Using LW 6.5b

If I create a small square poly, tab it into a sub-d, open it in layout, open object propertis and assign a displacement map (say, turbulence), the object deforms and gives me a nice displaced object. If I do the same thing with a really large object, say, as small as a 100 meters or so, in order to make the effect work, I have to crank the layer opacity to some huge number like 7000% (or higher, if the object is bigger).

Am I missing something? I've tried different scalings and such, before discovering the opacity trick and nothing would make the object deform. Can anyone else verify this in 6.5b? Can anyone test this in 7.5 and see if it still works the same?

This isn't a huge problem if 9000% gets the effect I want, but on bigger objects, this isn't enough.

03-05-2003, 01:32 PM
Yeah, I've had the same problems.

When I want displacements maps to create landscapes, I build a 1m square and subpatch it, then apply displacement to that.

I've found that way the numbers are much more intuitive (ie no need for 7000% or the like).

Finally I save transformed and rescale it to 10km on a side (or whatever I need).

And I'm using 7.5

03-05-2003, 01:34 PM
So if you just scale it up in Layout, it still looks right? Hadn't thought of that!

03-05-2003, 01:48 PM
Yep, that did the trick! Thanks, Neil!