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08-06-2014, 03:34 PM
Hi All,

I am completely baffled. For some reason whenever I try to render a scene as an animation file I get this error message. "Cannot Open File." It happens in every scene, every form of animation attempt....just downloaded the most recent version of Lightwave 11.6.3 and have not configurated anything yet....nor have I added plug-ins. I deleted the four config files for 10, 11, 11.6 that I am familiar with. LW11-64.CFG, LWEXT11-64.CFG, LWFBA-64.CFG, LWHUB11-64.CFG. Don't know what LWMASTERS11.CFG is so I didn't delete.

I can get along with Image Sequences which LW does render out......but I would like to make the animations work. I teach.....and getting kids to understand how to import an image sequence just makes it harder with extra steps. Some of the kids are 8-9 years old. What? Ask the 9 year old? Not a bad idea....He has done every single video co-pilot video and uses expressions better than I do. Kids these days.

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated!!!!!!

Using a 12 core PC with Nvidia Quadro FX 4000 graphics card. 16 gigs of ram.... Windows 7.

Thank you!!!!!

08-06-2014, 06:40 PM
If you are trying to render to QuickTime .mov, there is no 64-bit QuickTime version. You'll have to use 32-bit LightWave. If rendering to .avi or other motion format, it may depend upon permissions on the location to which the files are trying to be written. Try sending the animation to another location that is not on the %SystemDrive%.

08-06-2014, 07:25 PM
Hi Spherical,

THANK YOU! You are definitely on to something! I have no idea how to change the permissions of the software but I followed up on your suggestions....sort of the reverse of what I was doing.... and BINGO ...... I CAN render to the desktop. I was trying to render an uncompressed AVI to an internal drive.....NOT the system drive....no drive was working.......although it always has before.

Plus I had no idea you could render a Quicktime in any way shape or form....How useful and positively delightful to know that. Thank you!!!

Beautiful Glass work BTW. To answer your question of "Is this stuff cool or what?" Answer. YES!

08-06-2014, 07:40 PM
It isn't changing the perms of the software, it's changing the perms (and sometimes ownership) of the directories that stuff gets written to.

You obviously know about the pitfalls of rendering an animation file directly. I'd still opt for going to uncompressed .avi and then encoding to compressed in another format from there. Less for LightWave to do during the render process.

Odd that other locations aren't working, although I have heard of the Desktop location solving some issues. The Desktop is on the %SystemDrive%, however. Windows 8+ is worse than 7 as far as permissions issues are concerned.

:) Thanks for the Kudos! Always good to hear.