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08-06-2014, 01:47 PM
Dear friends,
I want your opinion for an action on 3Play 4800. I am a new user on this machine and I want to clear this action into my mind.
I am at a football match. There is a goal and my director is asking for replays.
1. I am putting Mark in and out to have the event. Also I can see from the preview little monitors if I have good views from my other 7 cameras.
2. I am playing first my offsite and then all the other cameras with good views with the use of A and B outputs with TAKE or AUTO.
3. I am passing with drag and drop my good camera views to the Playlist to edit my views and create nice video from the goal for farther use.

Are those steps correct or I am doing something wrong? Is there any other way to act more quickly for replay my goal or another sequence?

Thank you in advance.


08-06-2014, 04:21 PM
Here are a few tips.

#1, when you say football, I'm assuming that you don't mean American Football. If that is the case, then One button marking in a good workflow to use. Just press the Out button when you want mark a replay, and the system will create a clip back timed to that mark. You can adjust the one button marking time from the drop down menus. You can update the In and Out points of a one button mark by holding down the Shift key, jogging the to point you want to mark and then pressing In or Out (while continuing to holding down Shift).

There are a few people that like the 'no marking' workflow. In this case, you go into Live mode, then if something happens that you want to replay, twist the jog wheel back about 1/4 turn. Your monitor will now be frozen at this point ready for playback when the replay is called for (you can still jog around to find the best start point). If the event becomes something you want to save, then you can jog to the start and press SHIFT+IN, then jog to the end of the play and press SHIFT+OUT to add it to the CLIP LIST. If you don't care about the replay, then press Live again and prepare for the next event and nothing is added to the CLIP LIST. Just be aware that this method isn't as good when you might have need to do back to back angle replays (like asked for in question 2).

#2, unless you want transition effects between the angles (not common), you can press SHIFT + ANGLE + [ANGLE #] and the system will jump to that angle AND restart playback at the start of the play. This can make it really easy to do back to back replays of different angles.

#3, there is a Add to Playlist button on the control surface so you don't have to drag and drop. Also if you navigate to the Event ID in the Clip List area and add this to the playlist, it will add all angles. This can make is easy if you need most of the angles in a playlist versus adding them one by one.

08-07-2014, 01:57 PM
Thank you very much for the reply, I will try your suggestions and I will come back if I have something else.