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08-05-2014, 02:54 AM
Sorry to bother you, but there is a leak in my memory stick today!

My goal is to use a DAZ animated female character and export in into Lightwave where Syflex cloth and and Sasquatch hair will be added!

1. I exported a dancing female called Hiphop-Sue from DAZ to Lightwave as an FBX file without any problems at all. Everything worked perfect.

2. The character was too big to add cloth to and I decided to edit the FBX-file in Modeler to get rid of unwanted parts that wouldnīt come near the cloth anyway. Everything worked just fine.

3. I imported the edited file into Layout with no problems at all. Everything was in place and the body danced just as fine as the original file.

4. Today I had intentions to add a skirt and T-shirt to the original model of Hiphop-Sue that requested more lenght on her legs. But when I tried to export her nothing worked at all. I simply had forgot under what circumstances I exported her the first time and no matter what I try she is just frozen in the same position as a victim of a serial killer. No fun at all!

5. Is it anyone who know how to reduce an FBX file and under what conditions it has to be saved for export from Modeler and then imported into Layout to contain the pre-animated movements? (Obviously it worked perfect the first time but I was stupid enough to not memorize this.)

08-05-2014, 05:48 AM
You cant exchange motions via modeller.

08-05-2014, 06:47 AM
Rebel Hill!

I guess I never said I have even tried to exchange motions in modeler! But if you understood it this way I will excuse myself on the behalf of being a Swedish native! The only thing I want is to reduced the amount of polygons on an original FBX file in modeler before I export it to Layout! This worked perfect a couple of days ago, but I just donīt remember how I did it!

So my question is still how this can be done?

As it is now I have a workable file unfortunately with to short legs to use in my scene. I need to edit the original FBX file once more and cut down the poly amount in Modeler before I open it in Layout to use the reduced FBX model as an invisible anchor for a dress I will use Syflex cloth enginge for to make it look pretty natural when the body moves!

Do you know how to reduce an FBX and export it into Layout without damaging the pre-animated motion in it?

08-05-2014, 07:17 AM
You cant... if you open an fbx in modeler, there is no animation data to export back out. You need to open the fbx in layout, then make any modelling adjustments to the lwo that creates.

08-05-2014, 12:43 PM

With all respect for your excellent skills in rigging and digging for knowledge and skills I must ask myself if there hasnīt been a great misunderstanding here. Either I must have totally worthless in explaining the scenario for this thread and what I am looking for or maybe you didnīt get what I meant. Whatever happend I hope you still will help me out of this 3D-trauma :D

I guess the missing link is named as Shapes... which I more or less know nothing about!

If you or someone with more skills than me take a few minutes to take a look into the attached scene file I hope that someone can explain how I managed to do this cause I just canīt save the edited object in modeler as a Shape anymore. This scene first contained a detailed textured female dancer that where much larger than this little matrix file for upcoming cloth and hair add onīs and as a mentioned earlier the cloth and hair donīt need this heavy amont of polygons. Thatīs the reason I try to reduce polygons and body parts that are not functional for hair and cloth. (Well in this case itīs actually cloth since I cut the head off my dancer.)

If you decide to take a look into the attached scene file you will notice that I actually have managed to replace the original females objectīs massive polygon information with a ShapeBodyPart file. Itīs quite clear that it is possible to edit stuff in Modeler and then adapt the edited ShapeBodyPart to the bone hierarchy. I just donīt remember how I did it... and then I mean how I created the ShapeBodyPart object.

08-05-2014, 01:24 PM
Well... Ive no idea what a shaped body part file even is... so...

As it appeared you wanted to work... Take an FBX from somewhere (with animation), open it in modeler, make changes to the mesh, save back out as fbx, open in layout WITH the animation.

You CANNOT do this. Opening the fbx in modeler LOSES the animation, thus, the newly exported fbx (from modeler) contains NO animation.

Open the the original (animated) fbx file in layout... this will generate a scene file/lwo files. You can now edit those lwos in modeler, NOT the original fbx.

08-07-2014, 10:52 AM
So my question that must be spread is still... how the heck did I manage to create an edited ShapeLayer of the original FBX file in Modeler that later could be used as a replacement for the original FBX file but with all FBX information kept inside the reduced and edited object? RebelHill, I am so sad you didnīt know about SHAPE files but I am sure both you and me would like to know more about it... so I leave the question open and put a new thread up in the forum about this!

By the way, I didnīt get your information right:

"As it appeared you wanted to work... Take an FBX from somewhere (with animation), open it in modeler, make changes to the mesh, save back out as fbx, open in layout WITH the animation."

I did exactly as you suggested but when I tried to open the edited FBX in Layout the first scene was impossible to keep open at the same time. It seems like Layout only wanīt to have one FBX scene file open at the time... ???