View Full Version : OpenGL errors, LWO attached, mystery error on Pt. Merge

08-02-2014, 08:40 PM
So, messing w/subd, and got these OpenGL/render errors on a very vanilla object. AFAICS, no 2 pt polys, merging doesn't help....

This is one of those where you can chase it around. I know it's something simple, again. Attached LWO for render solution. 123435

BUT, also got this odd error (JPG) on Pt. Merge. Seems more like a script error!


08-02-2014, 09:07 PM
Well, I don't know the steps you used to get to this point....

But a merge at 1um got rid of 14 points. And everything looks fine now. :)

(in between/next to) Where the puckering is, is certainly a spot for double points. Where the others were..... :stumped:.... didn't really investigate.

Edit: OKay, ...investigated. Did you mirror this object (and not zero out the points along the X axis)? Because all the doubles are down the centerline.

08-03-2014, 01:32 AM
geeeeeeze, :bangwall: ....OK, should've tried different merge values, but I thought I'd f3'd it so expected them to be on the axis....

Need to make a one-click script at various gap values. It'd be nice if there were a cpu friendly way to find minimum gaps.

Thanks all. :slinks off in shame...AGAIN:

BUT, what about that weird error message in the jpeg?