View Full Version : internet upload - the biggest issue for the 3D home office?

07-29-2014, 07:56 PM
I just want to run this as a bit of a survey/discussion thread on the issue of internet upload speeds.

In my case on the OOKLA site I get 10 Mbps download and 0.82 Mbps upload. That said, I am on a stability profile because a few months ago I was getting internet drop outs; I could have a better download speed if I were less stable. But from what I understand of it ADSL is asymmetrical so my upload speed is what it is, sadly. I have crunched the numbers. I think that it would take me about 20 hours to upload a 1 GB file. That said, I've never really tried to upload anything yet. I am a Gen X "back from the dead" technologist. The 90's was dead for me - I didn't know what the internet was. The zeroes weren't a lot better. In fact only in 2007 did I really get any literacy with a computer. So now I have found that I like 3D stuff so I have to learn about 20 years of 3D stuff in about a year. I should have been where I am now 10 to 15 years' ago. But I had nobody to explain to me what this internet thing was.

So now I would like to do a lot of 3D things. And if I ever get paid to do this I will have to upload stuff. I wish that I had better upload. In fact the only download that matters to me is the ability to watch video content, not even in HD, such as Lynda or Pluralsight. I'm not a gamer. I don't do anything that demanding with download. At times I've thought about giving up 3D stuff and going for say, programming, because my uploads then might be smaller. But why should I have to stop something that fascinates me? And something that blows my mind. I've never come across anything as interesting as 3D design. It's got mathematics, physics, computer science, art and probably everything else in it.

I'm not naive. I can't blame someone for choosing someone else for work if that 3D designer has better upload and can get something to a client quicker. I would be surprised if anyone else on these forums has got upload as bad as mine. It's not that I have "bad" internet. Rather, it's that ADSL is a bad system for uploading. Something like Fibre is much better. But I probably won 't live to see the day when I get fibre.

07-30-2014, 02:48 AM
I hear all of what you say and can sympathize. One thing, though, how much faster someone else may be at getting something to a client is trivial. Quite usually, especially with differing time zones in play, whatever the client wants is probably done uploading by the time they get to work. No one is going to score you on whether X file was on the server faster than the Y file was from someone else. Don't stress the small stuff.

One concept that finally struck me one day years ago when faxes were all the rage; I don't have to do things at that increased speed, too. I was all in a turmoil working feverishly to get a set of drawings faxed to New York as fast as possible. On my way to the business service, it hit me. Just because the transmission speed is this fast now, is no reason for me to accelerate to try to keep up with it. IT is already far faster than the post and FedEx. The documents will get there way sooner than by using either of those; DAYS FASTER. Slow down, get it right and relax. Life's all too short and the person on the receiving end won't remember how fast you got it there tomorrow; let alone next year.

07-30-2014, 03:36 AM
For the longest time I had bad internet connections, whether it was modems or ADSL more recently. Last November fibre optic came to our neck of the woods unexpectedly and I jumped aboard immediately. Just recently my download speed hasn't been great (for this connection), but I think I know why. I just did a speedtest and:


that's a download speed of about 35 Megabytes per second and an upload of 6 Megabytes per second, still asymmetrical but *so* much better than in the old days (last year) where I would be able to upload at about .4 Megabytes per sec.

Sorry for boasting, I'm just jumping for joy. :)