View Full Version : Point Set inheritance: discuss / research / Feature-workflow suggestion

07-26-2014, 11:18 PM
I was surprised to notice that the points created by MAKE POLE are included in the Point Selection Set that was made of the original points of the object.

(I didn't try making TWO selection sets, to see which new points went which way....) :hat: (EDIT: and then, I did.)

Although MAKE POLE fortunately leaves the new points selected, which makes it easy to create a new Set for them, in general, I would hope that newly generated points NOT get included in established Point Sets. IMO this muddies the water: "I didn't add these points to this set, how'd they get in there?" :devil:

I tried this out on the primitive dodecahedron:

#1) all the original points got included in the Set "Orig Points". Points created by MAKE POLE were added. All new points were added to the one set.

#2) Selected HALF the points, >>"Right", the other >>"Left". MAKE POLE. Some new points were assigned R, some L, some NOTHING!!!

So, that's rubbish. Conclusion: in general, new points should not be added to any existing Point Sets. But they SHOULD become selected, to ease separating them, OR a facility should be included (in the Numeric Panel) to assign them to a new or existing set as they are created.