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07-26-2014, 08:00 AM
If youíre a VFX artist, you probably dream about showing movie audiences something new. A truly original visual effect. A cinematic illusion that nobody has ever seen before.

Itís a dream that crosses disciplines. You might be an artist or a technician, it doesnít matter. Whether youíre brushing sunlight across a digital matte painting, or wrangling code to perfect the physics of the latest cloth simulation, the driving force that keeps you seeking that Holy Grail is the same.

Iím talking about the desire to innovate.

A love of innovation appears to be hard-wired into the brains of most VFX artists. If youíve any interest in the history of the craft, youíll know itís littered with quotes from people saying: ďWe just wanted to do something new.Ē

But letís not dwell on the past. Letís look instead into the place where innovation takes us. The future. To find out what innovation means to VFX professionals today, I asked a panel of experts the following question:

What cutting-edge technique or technology is getting you excited about the future of visual effects?


07-26-2014, 01:04 PM
Great read. Thanks for posting.

07-26-2014, 09:06 PM
It's funny. I was going to start a thread on innovation!

Surely one aspect of this is in software: should people upgrade it? I mean, even if Lightwave 12 is incredible if it's not innovation, even revolution, maybe a smart move would be to save your dosh for buying the new, innovation tech [ e.g for argument's sake Google Glass on steroids] and let Lightwave 11 remain as it is. One can only have so many ways of making Catmull Clark better!!

Also, there is the "pure science" aspect of innovation. Even going back to the principles of maths and computer science that form products like Lightwave , I wonder if there is a next "phd academic to shopfront" cycle left of new ways of having 3D software. Maybe HTML 5 was the most recent example of this.

My biggest barrier to enjoying any innovation, especially VFX Nation - http://cinefex.com/blog/vfx-nation/ - is that my country is a Stephen Harper clone. We don't have a science minister. Our country doesn't believe in science. Our internet is a disaster so how will I upload stuff for anyone? I don't know. This ding a ling only thinks that the internet is a gamer tool that doesn't matter: