View Full Version : US Home Depot: Bringing 3D printing into everyday life (Video)

07-24-2014, 08:36 AM
What if you could 3D print a replacement part instead of going to the hardware store? CNET.com's Sumi Das reports on a new partnership between Home Depot and 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot.


07-24-2014, 04:12 PM
Makerbot = Stratasys = 3D Printing Borg with lawyers... or is that 3d Systems...? I get so confused with all the buy-outs going on. :)

With our system, which admittedly is a step above the desktop variety, my SO remarks that having 3D printers in libraries, etc., sounds great on the surface but with the amount of fine adjustments that need to be made between material changes (even within a type), model shape and orientation (one aspect is optimum, others not), cross section, volume & overall intent of the part, your average person off the street wouldn't be able to get an acceptable print the majority of the time.

That level of "it's a household item—just push the button" will get there one day, no doubt. Part of me wishes it would hurry up. Our system has already been discontinued, but remains as one of the best out there. The machine that 3D Systems morphed it into, after they prematurely killed ours in order to further their "Democratizing 3d Printing For Everyone" mantra and force users into a proprietary material setup, is an utter piece of crap and users are either dumping them or hacking them to get acceptable prints.