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07-15-2014, 10:17 AM
just a sample(not mine) to showcase that no procedural texture approach getīs close to a real cloud look, as to compared to a fluid gas simulation.
this is just a fumeFx simulation..which some of us probably can match with turbulenceFD someday.


Unfortunatly there are drawbacks to these kind of cloud types, since running a global world scale cloudscape would probably be impossible, which leaves us with resorting to infinite cloud volume textures anyway for distant stuff.
and you do not have the same nice cloudshadows and shading which are more prominent in special software like vue or terragen dedicated to acheive highly realistic lighting and shadow conditions on their clouds, unfortunatly
none of them has a fluid solution or plugin.

The basic cloudshape and formation is however unmatched as it is in fact very similar to real life cloud shaping and formations, terragen being very close in terms of realistic clouds still have some puffs on cloud edges, same with vue...due to the nature of how the procedural noise functions are tweaked.


07-16-2014, 01:45 PM
.... or a LW 12 feature :D

07-16-2014, 01:54 PM
Or use Vue for clouds. Slow, yes (but not always), good looking, yes.

07-16-2014, 04:34 PM
.... or a LW 12 feature :D

yes..almost there with turbulenceFd, howīs that for lw feature:) though jascha should develop a special cloud shader along side with the smoke, the basic fluid properties and cloud shaping is already there.

Seriously ..they just could get something like ogo taiki wamped up, and continue to develop hypervoxels to be used with geometry like modo and houdini, and some new scattering illumination methods and a density curve to control the soft edges.

Or use Vue for clouds. Slow, yes (but not always), good looking, yes.

as mentioned, vue noise functions sucks and are still the same functions developed for stone noise and other types not designed for clouds, however ..helios seem to be a completly new breed...and are probably more suitable to adjust the other feathering and limited round cloud puffs on the edges that are commonly seen on most vue renders...so I really dont agree with good looking that much, for some cloud types but for other ..they are not good, especially the type of cloud formations I linked to as a fluid simulation, you simply donīt get that with procedural functions.
The only one Ivé seen getting close is frank basinzkys terragen clouds, some of his cloud images are quite nice, but also some of them showcase the same cloud puff dispersions around cloud edges where there rarely should be any.

Houdini cloud stuff in some block buster movies has always been good.
ozone 2014 ple should come out within some weeks, and letīs hope for better interoperability with lw and VPR (tweaking while using VPR) and that they have implemented the cloud detail tab that is missing compared to vue
and also an option to tweak noise functions.

The actual cloud generation is one thing, so even with a good fluid solution to at least make some hero clouds, you would still lack a proper volumetric spectral model..which is the second important part to get nice skies, you canīt get acess to that even if you are using turbulence with dpont sunsky.