View Full Version : Seamless texture to toroid help needed

07-06-2014, 10:26 PM
Making a kiddie pool made of 2 toroids and have a seamless image I want wrapped around it.

The closest I have come to it looking right is cubic map but you can see edges (see attached).

Any idea how to make it look right. These will be still images so I am open to a work around.

07-06-2014, 11:13 PM
You need PX UV Creeper.



07-10-2014, 03:19 AM
A no plugin approach that I have done with v. 9.6 and earlier. If you are familiar with rail extrude, morphs and the bend tool it can be done pretty quick. First, make a straight spline with enough points to bend to a circle. Make a copy of that spline and place in another layer. Using the bend tool, you can bend that 2nd spline into a circle where the ends just meet (don't merge pts). Create a disk for the rail extrude and make a copy and place in an empty layer (4 layers total- 2 splines and 2 disks). Now just use the rail extude twice. First to make a straight cylinder and secondly to make a toroid loop. Make the toroid loop your active layer and make the straight cylinder you created the background layer. Now, using maps>morph>bkg to morph your toroid will now straighten out. Make a textue map now using cylindrical. You can check this by making one of your views a uv view. should be a nice square uv. This last part you want to be careful. Go to the texture map icon on the lower right of your screen and move it from the uv you just created and named to 'none'. Then got to your morph icon and select the morph you created. Now, got to map>general>edit>delete. You should now have no existing morph map to keep you from merging your points, but still have a nice UV map.