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07-05-2014, 01:40 PM
Over on the subd thread Tony3d talks about his unfamiliarity with various tools. Here, I realized that I was (very much) underusing tools that make life a LOT easier modeling in Perspective View, specifically the Axis-(n) tools and the Transform Tool (gizmos in LWM!!!).

I've been pondering how to FORCE myself to learn and use these new and powerful tools (it's pretty embarrassing to whinge about some 'shortcoming' to find out it was addressed in 11.3).

One idea I had was to make a whole new menu tab and populate it with duplicates entries of these neglected tools.

#awayFromLW but offhand I think such a tab on my install would include:

Axis Rotate
Axis Move
Axis Scale
Point Normal Move
Weld Strip (not native, but...)
Edge Detail
Weld Ring
Weld Loop (?) (Dissolve?)

Everybody's "Neglected" tab is going to be different. --Perhaps it would be a good marketing tool for LW3dG to make a "11.n New!" menu branch to call attention to new tools.

07-05-2014, 03:52 PM
In Maya new tools are highlighted in green, this can be easily turned off.
I think the idea you had of a new tab with duplicate tools in is a good one with an easy turn off option.

Sort of semi related but a little OT, in LW I would like to see features have clickable text description; a sort of in-application help system so that e.g. Maybe I don't fully understand what a setting does, I mouseover and click the settings title and a little pop-up gives me a brief description of what the setting does. Again maybe have this feature easily turned off say by just selecting expert UI or similar.

07-05-2014, 04:03 PM
I like that MAYA idea.

There's no way to turn off a tab, but since they are mostly hidden, they are certainly easy to ignore. One just needs the discipline to keep bringing it back to the foreground.

(Of course, if I had that type of discipline, I maybe wouldn't need these tricks.... but, better than nothing, eh?)

Descriptions: rather than clickable, I'd like "hover-help" or "balloon help". Of course, extensive documentation CAN be included in the Numeric Panel: PX_Bezier (?) has, IIRC, quite a bit of non-UI text inside its Numeric Panel.

It's just a matter of developers actually putting it in there.

07-05-2014, 11:31 PM
I created a tab I call Modelling, and I load all the tools I normally use into that, but then I also include new tools as I find them, tools that I think I will use, and just by having them all in that one menu I find I'm now using many different tools.