View Full Version : MDD Multi Loader Not recognizing names of cloned objects

07-04-2014, 09:55 AM

I have 10 cloned objects with dynamics on them. I Exported out the MDD's Using MD Multi Baker. All the names came out like this for example objectname __1_.mdd, objectname__2_.mdd etc.

When I go to Import the MDD's back in using the MDD Multi Loader lightwave recognizes the objects as all the same name for example objectname with no __1_.mdd. So when I got to auto assign the mdd's by name it says No MDD file matches could be found and when I go to match them by either name or points it matches them but it puts 11 copies of the MDD reader plugin inside each clone.

Is this a bug?


07-07-2014, 05:10 PM
I see the issue.

This isn't a bug per-se, the 'MDD Multi-Loader' is doing what it's told, i.e. match the names.

The issue as you've seen is that cloned objects when baked out using the 'MD Multi-Baker' have their names changed from:

Object (1)
Object (2)
Object (3)



As you have discovered, matching by points only will fail here, as all clones get matched to all of the other clone's MDD files (as they all have the same point count).

Point and Name matching also fails because of the (1) to __1_ thing.

You can either do two things here:

Rename the MDD files back to Object (1) from Object__1_
Try adjusting the 'Name Matching Tolerance' to around 7% (that worked for me)

I'm looking into seeing if there is a way to make the script smarter in this regard, as it could be difficult to know whether the __1_ thing is a converted clone name, or some incremental numbering.

One thing I am adding though, is the ability to tell the 'MDD Multi-Loader' what object point count to match using, as you bake out MDDs with cage, subd, cage and subd.