View Full Version : Where is the hair?

07-03-2014, 02:34 PM
Iīve tried to follow a great tutorial from 2010 "Animating with Dynamics by William Vaughan!"

But what the heck am I doing wrong here, the hair dissappears into an invisible mode and I guess not that was the meaning when William made this tutorial?

If someone with better skills than me in the hair business would be so kind to take a look at the attached scene I would be so happy! Maybe this isnīt a big deal now but when I go to Dynamics and press calculate the hair seems more like spagetthi than soft hair... if there is a way to boil the spgetties and to become more hairlike please tell that to... if someone is skilled enough to even make the hair visible!


07-03-2014, 07:15 PM
To make the Hair visible, run Strandmaker in modeler on the hair, (this makes a new hair object in another layer) then delete the old hair and copy this new layer3 into the layer2, deleting layer 3 after (I'm only saying this as FFX is applied to layer 2, you could just apply it to the new layer 3). Guide hairs need to be at least 2x 2 point polys long to have hair, strandmaker makes them run both ways along your 2 point polys, so it might be better to select the ends of the hair guides you have and then Extend them.

Next, in the FFX panel, set gravity to 0% as you don't need it with guide hairs affected by dynamics. You'll also need to have more segments in your guide hairs otherwise you're not going to get floppy hair, just weird straight fuzz. Fix the roots of the hair (give them a selection set in modeler or use a different surface and choose that in the Fix drop down in ClothFX).

Strandmaker also adds in a falloff weightmap along each which you can use in your dynamics in the Hold Structure setting, so the setting is higher at the base and lower at the end to give it a more coiffured style.