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07-02-2014, 01:01 PM

If you are streaming internally (to people in your building or inside your own corporate firewall), Pull streaming may well provide the easiest approach. (Be aware that since your stream may be constrained by lower bandwidth than a commercial streaming service typically offers, Pull streaming may falter when more than a few users are viewing the stream.)


For a Pull Connection Type, the Location field attempts to automatically display the Internet address you would provide viewers (or your streaming service provider. This the IP (Internet Protocol) address of your computer on the network. This information will be provided as ‘punctuated’ numeric value.

You can provide your clients or streaming providers this address. Entering this address into the File menu of Windows Media Player® (using copy, and pasting it into the Open URL window making sure to also include the colon and port number at the end) will direct the player to show the stream from your system on client computer system(s) connected to the Internet.

Beyond this, simply select a suitable profile from the Resolution menu for your need. Once you set up the connection, click OK to close the panel. Your live program stream will be sent continuously to the network while the Stream button is enabled.

(for more tips see the User Guide Chapter 5.3.3)