View Full Version : Nevron Motion +Kinect in a complex animation

06-30-2014, 01:27 AM
Hello, i need to have some advice on how to approach a complex animation with many characters. I'd like to make the animations with NM +Kinect, so i'll start a motion capture session in a empty scene. Then i'll have all my takes, like, say, running, idle, etc.

So, what now? How to transfer those animation (maybe in a non-linear way) to the main scene? MDD? BVH? Load items from scene?

How would you approach this kind of scene?

Ryan Roye
06-30-2014, 07:04 AM
You won't get quality leg movement tracking out of the box with the kinect so you can forget about getting good walk/run animations out of it... but aside from the limitation of 2-dimensional camera tracking (can't turn around more than 30-45 degrees), you should be able to get decent upper body motions. For single steps or casual leg movement the kinect is ok.

In my workflow, I do all of my recording on a generic, baseline character, then use IKBooster's motion format to save all the clips I want to use and deploy them on other characters as needed, making sure to save and load when the character object itself is selected.

With face tracking, it's the same deal. In a typical project, every single character has morphs with the same phonemes, so recording the mouth movement on 1 character will always translate when transferred via IKB motion to other characters.

In general, I wind up with a list of IKBooster motions that I can load up on any character, and I just throw the motions in as needed for the production.

Keep in mind that IKBooster motion format assumes you always save at keyframe 0, and that the character hierarchy structure is derived from some kind of template.