View Full Version : Why the Tricaster & LW Next Gen can benefit each other....

06-24-2014, 07:37 AM
One of this things that always has blown my mind is the lack of connection between LW and the Tricaster.
For me a tighter connection between next gen LW and the Tricaster, seem like the perfect side door for Lw to re-enter the broadcast Graphics World (like it did in the Toaster days)

Sure now you can create 3d virtual set in Lightwave and use them in the virtual set editor.
But to be honest it is an adhoc implementation were the virtual sets developed in Lw can only be used as static images. Hell most people I know develop tjheir virtual sets using Photoshop.

One idea that I have been thinking about is that maybe the hydra engine could be used to develop NEW 3D tools for the Tricaster.(Thanks Lewis BTW you game me some ideas in your posts)
New 3d tools for the tricaster that would allow it to do things like

Automatic Logo creation from Vector Files
3d font creation and implementation
Basic motion graphic Fx in real time (flying Bars)
3D pie charts and diagrams.
Real time 3D elements over video using Augmented Reality Methods.

And yes
virtual set Modification using presets, and maybe the creation of 3d camera moves on these sets in real time in these sets.

The advantage of developing these tools in the Hydra engine is that thye would allow for eventual implementation in NEXT GEN LW.

What do you guys think?