View Full Version : Bug check: behaviour of "SEL OUTLINE POINTS" when there is hidden geometry

06-16-2014, 07:47 PM
OK, I think I got this right....

Make a cylinder, with enough segments so each poly is roughly square
Select a patch on that cylinder
MAKE VISIBLE that patch ("=" key, ie hide the unselected)
Now you should be seeing only the polys you selected
Select them AGAIN

Now, on my system, nothing happens. However, if you copy/paste the polys to another layer, SEL OUTLINE POINTS works fine, so that suggests to me that it has to do with the HIDDEN status of the rest of the mesh. Also, if you UNHIDE the rest of the mesh, SEL OUTLINE POINTS works fine.

This seems a straight up bug to me.

(I was going to make a poll about how SEL OUTLINE POINTS works, but I'm tooooo tiredddddd....)