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06-16-2014, 08:53 AM
What projects you have gotten from your clients that for some reason or another you have found that they are too hard to do In current Lightwave?
Tell us.
And please share them with us in generic terms to protect the innocent....
And to make this a constructive thread,
WHAT AREA LW needs to IMPROVE to be able fulfill your Needs?

Ok guys I started a topic from the C4D thread about projects that would be easier to do in that app.

I am reposting that post here, and i have other examples that I can post:
"Both examples are based on real projects I have gotten from work.

these are based on real life shots I have done.

Ok you guys asked for some examples of things that are here are to examples of what I am talking about:

* Both examples rely getting people to try these test who have NEVER used a 3D app but they are familiar with ADOBE toolsets.
* Both examples should be done in C4D and Lightwave.
* You got 1 hour per application. Bonus points for doing it sooner.

I might start a thread just for some of these examples...I bet the community has a ton of them.

Channel Four at Baltimore will be celebrating the New years eve Party this year in the air.
For next year the station still reveal a new branding strategy.
that means a new station logo, new color palates and new typography.

The producer of the new years event wants to see a spinning digital clock that counts down from 60 to 0 seconds.
Every couple of seconds the station logo should spin and reveal another logo.
The logos are a transition of the older station Logos (from the 50's) to the present.
Also he wants the fonts to transition with the logos after each spin (This came from corporate, don't fight it).
When 0 is reached fireworks reveal the new station Logo.

Since the event is Tomorrow night, we need the scene ready to render in one hour.
We are providing:
10 historical station logos (from the 50 to the present) in Adobe Illustrator Format.
10 historical fonts sets (from the 50 to the present)in true type Format.

We have been called to do an emergency shot.
For a animated project being done by our staff in the regional office in After Effects the managers in corporate have request a new shot.
In the office we don't have AE (after all we are the 3D Division) so we will be doing the project in a 3d using using 2D elements.

Here is what the script call for:
“ANIMATION: A sea of identical attorneys appears, with lawyers disappearing until only one remains….”
We have timed the voice actor recording of this scene to 5 seconds.

The producer of the shot wants to do a CG crane shot of a diverse group of lawyers. (About 2 thousand)
When the shot starts, they all pickup their suitcases in unison and then the camera should start to pan down and focus on one African American lawyer.
All the he lawyers around the lead should start disappearing at random(NOTE this might be art directed at the discretion of the producer). When the lawyers are about to disappear , they should have a worried fave and then the the 3D words "POP!" should replace them for one second.
When she is the only one left on screen she should smile.

The animation should be done in traditional cutout style.
We are providing:
Adobe Illustrator images of:
6 Lawyers - (3 Heads per lawyers for Default- Eye blink - Concerned Face 2 Bodies, Suitcase Down, Picking Up Suitcase, )
1 Lead Lawyer - (3 Heads Default- Eye blink- Smile. 2 Bodies Suitcase Down, Picking Up Suitcase)

We need the scene ready to render in 1 hour since the event is in 4 hours

06-16-2014, 11:19 PM
Didn't I read this somewhere else... or am I in a time warp... or am I losing it?

06-16-2014, 11:46 PM
I might start a thread just for some of these examples...I bet the community has a ton of them.

not so sure, most LightWavers do not create the Motion Graphics style that C4D creates,
but rather ArchViz Animations, Product Animations, Character Animations, Medical Animations... etc...

it's a discussion that needs to be brought up though, as it's an important subject.

the best thing would be to get people that use both C4D and LightWave heavily into this discussion,
but i fear there are not many of them.

so we'll have to do our own, limited, research ourselves...

points that should be mentioned >

- LW's lack of > Interactive tools
- LW's lack of > Layout Modeler tools (tweak morphs, add polys, manipulate polys, > not possible)
- LW's lack of > Motion Graphics friendly workflow
- LW's lack of > Stacking

shortly said, we need a much more non-destructive workflow when doing Motion Graphics,
however, ArchViz Animations, Product Animations, Character Animations, Medical Animations do not need this as much,
though to various degrees, though they would of course benefit from it.


again, some of the L/M direction can be heard at this LightWave Japan presentation >

or to quote Rob Powers >

http://forums.newtek.com/images/misc/quote_icon.png we are aware of the Modeler / Layout weaknesses, and we are working on ways to eliminate those weaknesses

http://forums.newtek.com/images/misc/quote_icon.png things like being able to edit your geometry from camera view is important, and we are aware of these limitations and we are going to come out with some unique updates and workflows, but we're gonna remain the strengths of LightWave, whatever direction we move in

06-17-2014, 06:57 AM
Great post
I would add
lack of modern
Intuitive NPR rendering (like Illustrator)

Didn't I read this somewhere else... or am I in a time warp... or am I losing it?

You are 100% right, I wanted to spin off this topic into a thread.. I was hoping to get examples from the userbase by showing first mine.
anyway I will be posting more examples soon

06-17-2014, 12:21 PM
thanks, http://erikalstad.com/backup/misc.php_files/smile.gif

yes, i did cover some of the font issues here >

new NPR features can be added easily, and hope to see more of them,
this said, LightWave is very good when it comes to NPR


not sure how much more i can chime in, as i deal with other aspects of LightWave atm,
but yes, better workflows in LightWave for Motion Graphics is needed,

like discussed in the other thread though, i think that requires a somewhat long walk,
but i definitely believe the LW3DG will get there...

if they decide to go this suggested route, i have no idea > http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?142116-Why-C4D-!&p=1386944&viewfull=1#post1386944
but i think we need to put some faith into the LW3DG will do a good job... (which i do, while not trying to kiss *ss)

07-08-2014, 07:59 AM
I made this in my spare time while working on other things, and I noticed a few things which could be improved.

Particle target. We can specify a particle target, but particles instead of conforming themselves onto tha target surface
go to its pivot. In my opinion that is insufficient. I tried flocking but agents chose the longest path
resulting in a crossing pattern and I was not pleased with it. Flocking is promising but I miss the controls I got used to
when working with particles. The 2 systems should be combed together if possible like>
-flock emitter is static, even if I keyframe it agents will not move with it
-emission rate should be keyable
-ability to stop agents completely, now I have to use extreme values to slow them down.
Part move/rotate/scale>
this can be achieved using DP_kit only. Would be great to have it as a native node.
Other great thing would be to have is the ability to conform parts to particles.
Just my 2 cents

07-10-2014, 11:00 AM
I would say the trick is to not rely too heavily on nodes here for things You can easily animate in C4D via MoSplines, MoDynamics, MoText and effectors. Nodes are too complicated to work with in comparison.