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06-09-2014, 09:17 PM
Is there a quick easy way to animate a cloudy turbulence texture?

In After Effects on the Fractal Noise generator, you can animate the "evolution" of the clouds, and even set them to loop.

I want to do a similar thing, but on the surface of my object. I've rigged some things that kind of work by scaling the texture, so where it intersects my surface animates - but this approach is difficult to control, especially if you want the rate of change to be fairly rapid, over a long period of time.

An easier approach would be much appreciated.

06-09-2014, 09:52 PM
You should be able to do this via nodes. You could connect an animated channel into the inputs of a procedural.

06-10-2014, 12:07 PM
I dont understand? What procedural, and what input?

I'd prefer not to have to mess with scale or transformation or anything, best would be a cloudy texture that I can say "animate at X rate"

06-10-2014, 12:24 PM
turbulence,turbulent noise..etc do not have such animatable option and the only way for those to move would be to animate the x,y,z positions to simulate the evolution..but not really the same..and you could also reference it to a moving null and for further
"evolution" a very small change in the nulls scale maybe.

there are other procedurals that have built in animation of similar "evolution" rate of change..the native smoky1-3 have turbulence ms settings, but the procedural texture itself might not be what you want.

Then you got dponīt rman collection with weather..that has cloud offset and wind offset, but you need to set those animatable in time with the envelopes, not just changing the values since that is static unless setting time envelopes.
dpont rman collection also has flow noise with swirl offset, same here on the envelopes.

thereīs also a free shader someone not long ago posted called simplex noise with a time function, but also that needs envelopes, just enter the envelope and set a slight value of 0,3 in the end frame for instance and 0 at the start frame ..use vpr to scroll and see the cloud change in almost realtime..hereīs the procedural plugin...

I usally test on textured environment to get a straight front view of how it would look, before adding to other stuff.

you also got free simbiont shader that I think might have some stuff too.

I would suggest dig in to dpontīs rman procedural textures though, after effects turbulent noise; cloud with evolution is pretty nice..but I donīt think we have anything exactly like it for lightwave procedurals.

Edited....my mistake, if you use dpont weather, use the wind offset envelope..not the cloud offset, that will give some cloud wind evolution, for it to move in a direction you would still need to set envelopeīs in desired axis, or reference it to a null.

06-10-2014, 12:55 PM
Thanks Prometheus. Living up to your name. Hopefully it wont earn you an eternity of having your gizzard pecked out by vultures.


06-10-2014, 01:28 PM
So I downloaded the Simplex Noise, I didnt get any of the jazz you were talking about with missing dll's, but when I add the texture, it doesnts seem to work. No time input or anything, just a 'Texture Color' input, which while changing the color in the little box to the right, has no effect on the bigger black box to the left that generally gives you a little representation of your texture.

Do I have to do something more than add the x64 SimplexNoise.p to my plugins?

06-13-2014, 03:46 PM
Interesting and creative web site you have there objuan.

06-13-2014, 08:17 PM
Interesting and creative web site you have there objuan.

Yes indeed, I missed to check objuans profile and the site, so I didnīt see it until now..and yes, the site is creative and interesting indeed, and I love background effects and metaphysic stuff too and all the shapes and patterns that comes with that:)
Nice stuff objuan, and your timeline was cool and funny too, it almost started the same for me, but exclude the experience in pre-school:) I got me an amiga 500 too and deluxe paint, but me some of the first experiences painting
with computers was before that, when my brother actually created a chip and some simple program and plugging it in to a small mobile color screen and got a joystick to draw some colors on it.

I hope you got the simplex noise working objuan?
for some interesting cool background effects, you might want to try some stuff with a single sprite and some different procedurals with texture effects, and use viper to fast try the animated effect.


07-31-2014, 08:47 PM
Huh, some how missed that there were any follow up posts on this - thanks for the complements on the site guys, glad you enjoyed it.

You got some tasty goodies up there too Micheal.

I didn't ever get SimplexNoise to work, but the Wind Offset on Weather works well enough. Which as it turns out is why I'm back here cause i forgot which procedural it was.

Thanks again.