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06-08-2014, 05:27 PM
It seems that in the far reaches of my mind, I vaguely recall a solution to this being discussed but I've searched on every set of terms I can come up with and come up empty.

All of the rounding/chamfering/filleting tools that I know of create new geometry. I need to modify the geometry that is already present. New geometry interspersed with the existing would be OK, and could be preferable, but I want to maintain the overall dimensions of the shape itself; not scale it up and try to move the scaled corners back to the original position. The shape I'm working on is too complex for that. Its edges are rounded using LWCAD (or Rounder or any other bevel/chamfer tool) up to the point where the geometry begins to overlap itself in tight sections; creating a mess. I need to increase the corner radius on other segments where the overlapping isn't a problem.

I've tried rounding with LWCAD Mass Round only on specific segments at a time but the part is large, with many segments and selecting the segments to work on is tedious; at least with the method that I know of to in order to work on only certain edges at a time. IOW, can't find a way to select a range and/or select all and deselect a group. In certain sections, I have been successful in rounding the whole part and then un-rounding individual edges before dropping the tool but, where the part has a tendency to overlap, the un-rounding is less than reliableŚleaving a lot of odd spikes that have to be manually cleaned up.

So, I would like to get the part as far along this rounding path as possible and then work on discreet segment groups to increase the corner radius; hopefully flowing them all together to be a smooth transition between radii along the length.

It would seem that there is a way to maintain a corner shape and slide the corner tangent points along the flat surface, while redistributing the interim points that form the curve between them to create a larger radius corner but I can't find it. I have used the Stretch Tool to move points in this manner but this shape is too complex for that method. The example is a simple cube and this method would work on it; not on the part in question.

Left cube is original radius. Center cube is increased radius with same number of corner segments. Right cube is increased corner radius with added geometry.

Thanks for any insight.

06-08-2014, 08:16 PM
With more experimentation, I found that I can select poly groups, and in some cases select inverse, prior to starting Mass Round and that gets me closer on the first go-round. BUT, when doing it this way, there are no edge handles to select in order to un-round specific edges. IOW, if on a cube you select only the front face and there are no adjacent polys on another axis selected, there are no handles. It's all or nothing if you want handles. :-|

Did find a way of getting the handles to appear on all segments without starting a fillet operation, then deselect the segments I don't want to round prior to rounding at all. However, when deselecting some of these segments, the rounding operation does not truncate at them, it throws spikes off into space that exceed the bounds of the model. Trying to modify those while the tool is running then deselects all of the others and you're stuck back at square 1, re-selecting everything then deselecting specifics all over again for the next attempt.

06-08-2014, 08:18 PM
The dox on CHAMFER say it removes geometry, in stated contrast to the Olde Tools. So it should stay within your existing mesh's profile.

06-08-2014, 10:49 PM
Perhaps, but how would that handle increasing the radius from the dimension that it already is? Until I find a solution, I've resorted to radiusing multiple models, cutting them apart and stitching them together Frankenstein style.