View Full Version : 3PLAY TouchOSC macros

06-04-2014, 01:50 PM
Looking for macros to try out on your 3PLAY 4800 or 440 using rev 3-1 software? Like to run those macros from an iPad?

The following link has instructions on how to do it, along with a sample TouchOSC interface for your iPad and the macros to make it work.

What I've designed is the following tasks.

Clip Player: Turn a 3PLAY output channel into a clip player. Load the clips you want into CLIP LIST 9 and then they are only a button press away. Now you can play clips to displays in your venue like 'GO Team', 'DE-fense' or anything else you need to get the people cheering for your team.

DSK: Gives you PIP replay angles in either output, choose location or size of the overlay.

Analysis: Easy to use interface for officiating review on your 3PLAY system. Perform frame by frame playback of clips, play in slow motion forward or backwards to see what happened during a play. Quickly switch between angles if the view isn't showing you what you need to see.

Social Media: Buttons to navigate around and quickly publish clips or images to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Replay: Similar functions as your would find on your control surface, also adds preset playback speeds (like 50%, 66% & 75%) to quickly get a replay playing.

Macros: a ready to use button panel for your own macros.