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11-22-2003, 02:27 PM
all about Lightwave and it's tools.So far I am up to bulding a building in Inside Lightwave 7.At first when I tried it I really didn't understand about layers and the tools Dan explained to use.I than started to do one or 2 of the tutorials here on newtek and finally it just hit me all about layers.So I started to redo the building,as I has messed it up abit due to not understanding layers.After getting to the antenna part of the bulding something else hit me-Damn this is easy,even though I am just using the bevel tool,putting in numbers,than moving the antanna around it finally hit me on how I can actually do the same thing by myself without using the numeric window.I'm finallly,finally starting to understand Lightwave,from an architectual aspect at this moment how the tools could be used and manually and not by following a tutorial.

I know this may not be huge to anyone but I am pretty darn proud of myself for figuring this out.I know many of you have been using Lightwave for many months even years but we all had to start somewhere.

I'm going to finish the building in the book but I'm pretty sure now that I could look at any building and recreate it all thanks to Dan's wonderful book.

I have also noticed lately,since I started the book,my perception of thing around me is alot different.I'll be at work,or in my car or even at home,look at something and think "Now how can I rip that item apart and make it in Lightwave"?It's pretty amazing at how your perception changes about the world around you when you really do get interested in 3d.

I for one was never good in school until it was something that interested me.For example.Social class I hated with a passion and never had good marks but as soon as we got to WWII I had the highest mark in the class.Why?Possibly because I found it very interesting learning about WW2.Also in English.I sucked at English but as soon as we got to Shakespeare I had about a 99% in the class,yet I was failing English.I can't write worth a damn but could understand Shakespeare fluently and still can do this day.I have probably read nearly all of Shakespears works.

Same as my computer.When I first bought my Desktop my whole goal was to learn how to back up my DVD's.So far I can take nearly any file and re-encode it to anything else.Now I am getting into lightwave,which for the past few months has interested me but was always intimitated by the online tutorials until Dan's book,I'm at the point where I'm confident with the tools that are in it.I know I still have a heck of alot to learn but so far this is a huge step for me.3 days ago I was doing the building tutorial and was lost.Today I can finally understand everything that Is going on with it and it is so simple that I can't believe 3 days ago I was absolutly lost.

Well,whoever took the time to read this rant,thanks.I hope that in the next few months I can actually post some of my work on here for you.

I'm also wondering,even if I'm following Dans tutorial,if It would be alright to post the progress on here or is that considered copyright Infringement as it is Dan's work but me just recreating it?

11-22-2003, 09:25 PM
I heard that. I remember when I first installed Lightwave, and coming from a CAD background, I thought, how in the hell can you make Anything with only primitives such as a box, ball, disc etc. One thing that makes it difficult for a beginner is that there are so DAMN many ways to accomplish a task. You can almost start with anything and make anything. I don't think I've found a single method to accomplish anything. There's just no one way to do an object.
Dan's book is certainly a godsend. It always helps to broaden your horizons. I've got LW Applied, LW Primer, LW Project Handbook, LW Magic, Character Animation. Dan's Digital Texturing and Painting. I was serious about learning everything I could.

11-23-2003, 01:30 AM
I'm going to eventuallly pick up more books on Lightwave.Just going to wait till I am done this one first.

11-23-2003, 08:53 PM
Fistandantilus, glad to hear your story. I've dodged LW due to the thought of learning such a massive program, and with the responsabilities of owning a business, it just seemed too time consuming.

Well, last week I decided to crack open the program and since we're training a new GFX person, I'd start learning with him. (He's way better then me), but I gotta just make it happen. One hour at a time, as I have time.

Hearing your story will help. When I first opened LW, I too thought, oh my God! But you're right about having a different perspective on the world around you. Everything is viewed in a 3D perspective.

I wish you luck.

11-23-2003, 09:30 PM
Thanks Ted.Wish you luck as well.

11-25-2003, 01:36 PM
Heheh, I know exactly what you're saying. I too was daunted by LightWave at first, but with the help of a few books and a hefty amount of experimentation, things started to click. There's still so much to learn though.

Anyhoo, good luck with your learning :)