View Full Version : Tricaster 8000 Macros are acting up

06-02-2014, 11:04 AM
I'm having an issue with effect wipes being used in macro settings and staying consistent with proper function.

In detail:

I'm using a macro with a .mov wipe effect to play in DDR (assigned to DSK4), over a program/preview video switch. I adjust the functions in the Macro Configuration Editor to perform a clean cut that's nicely hidden behind the effect. I execute the macro several times during live production and it works perfectly… until it doesn't. When the macros are not functioning properly, they perform a switch before or after the effect has wiped and/or or only play the effect wipe (.mov in DDR) half way.

The set-up uses an iPad for MIDI control, so originally I thought it was the iPad causing problems. In order to remove the iPad from the equation, I rebuilt my macros and assigned to a few buttons on the control surface. The macros seemed to run a little more consistent, but still ended up having the same issue. Clearly this issue within the machine. It's been updated in the last month. Does it need to be updated again? Has anyone ever experienced this?

Open to suggestions, questions, ideas, and input…