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Ben Freedman
05-28-2014, 09:23 AM

I have for sale a gently used, 1 year old Tricaster 460, fully upgraded from a 455.

Additional upgrades includes a 3TB Media Drive, and Ultra-silent internal fans (far quieter than the original stock fans that will not allow conference room or studio use).

We have removed the front panel covering the media bay for easier access, and there is a nut missing from the rear headphone jack (see picture). However, the headphone jack is fully functional.

We've upgraded to the absolute latest software (with the Tricaster 8000 interface and features), and it's up to date as of May 27th, 2014.

Cosmetically, the unit is in near-new shape, with just a few nicks and scratches from typical use. Ships in its original box.

Asking $9955. Please don't hesitate to drop me a line with any questions!



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Ben Freedman
05-29-2014, 11:29 AM
SOLD! Thanks!