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05-21-2014, 11:11 AM
TriCaster Professional Systems Gain New Powers

Today we are pleased to announce the release of an update for users of the TriCaster Professional Series systems, models 410, 460, 860 and 8000.
Some highlights:
• All systems now support multi-format ISO Recording
• All systems now support frame synchronized recording that “genlocks” all incoming sources to internal switcher timing, providing the best ever NLE multi-cam support
• All TriCasters will automatically locate all the media in your project even if drive settings have been changed or media relocated since the last time the project was loaded. This will be done in background, transparent to the user
• Support for 4 VGA Monitors on all TriCaster systems
• TriCaster 8000 Advanced Rendering Engine optimized and extended to all TriCaster Professional Systems, for higher quality downscaling, slow-motion and scrubbing, as well as even better warping for virtual sets

And that’s just a small sampling. Get the full scoop for your TriCaster here:

8000: http://new.tk/T8Kn
860: http://new.tk/T86n
460: http://new.tk/T46n
410: http://new.tk/T41n

Press Release (http://newtek.com/news-events/newsroom/press-releases/701-press-release-newtek-reinforces-leadership-in-multi-camera-live-video-production-with-major-enhancements-to-family-of-professional-tricaster-systems.html)

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