View Full Version : Better ways of thinking about Spline Control?: misconceptions, future uses

05-19-2014, 09:41 AM
The LW3dG posted this very helpful tutorial on YouTube, showing a way to grow and animate vines using Spline Control (thanks very much, Cody!) :thumbsup: :


This technique uses a method that surprised me, because my concept of WHAT Spline Control is, is obviously only partial. :twak:

In my mind, Spline Control is about sliding an object down a path. This video shows that it is easily used to manipulate static objects (Bones in this case), with no motion at all in the target object, all the motion deriving from animation/placement of the nulls that generate the spline on the fly.

It would seem that when a Spline Control spline overlays the positions of an item, it can be used to directly manipulate those items.

This is all great, but tells me that my IDEA of what Spline Control is needs some reworking. What would be a better conceptualization of what Spline Control is/does, that would help me imagine all the situations in which Spline Control would be useful?

Thanks for any insights.