View Full Version : Speed Edit File Creation and use within Live interface

M Productions
05-17-2014, 10:00 PM
I have a dream. That dream is to one day be able to select "create Speed Edit project during recording" as an option in the recording duologue.

Imagine the power of this. As you run your live show it tracks every button press and lays it out into a Speed Edit project including all the tracks that you are iso-cording at that time. As you play back videos it would throw them on a track and embed them just where needed along with any Live set layering that is done. This would leave you with a fully editable show that is mostly done, but completely editable. That would truly be a "Speed Edit"

On the flip side of this coin would be the Ability to edit in the "live" environment. Lay out a project (like a 5 camera show recorded in iso-corder or import files from cameras into Speed Edit and line out the timeline) Be able to open the full capacity of the switcher to do a one pass edit on them. Have it give access to live sets, M/Es and titleing... All of it. Then I can use my Tricaster a whole lot more and it makes it that much more valuable!

note: (I find it quite valuable already, but I would definitely find it to be more valuable with even one of these enhancements)