View Full Version : Clone renaming/aliasing, ala AE's layer names / naming by function/ aliases

05-16-2014, 02:09 PM
In AE a layer is named BOTH the name of the element in use, and a user-defined layer name*.

Personally, I miss that feature in LW, for object clones. I'd like an object (really, any item) to have both a name and an ALIAS.

(For lights and cameras this is a little less useful, but I'd keep it just for consistency.)

ALIAS features allow users to have more control over how they think about their Scene organization. For instance, I could have a series of object clones and I could alias them according to their function, while retaining their object (file)name.

Does anybody else feel the need for such a feature? It's not like it's a radical concept, and it really helps in thinking about what one's scene is doing. Anybody have a work-around?

*there's a default alias, which for footage items is the filename, i.e. same as the element name.

05-16-2014, 02:19 PM
It's a good idea, I doubt it'd be easy to implement though since the name listed in Layout is the name of the file itself.

05-16-2014, 04:01 PM
By "the name listed in Layout" do you mean the name in the LWS file?

IIRC, lines in LWS files begin with an entity label, e.g.

LoadObjectLayer 1 1000000c Objects/Beach_Plane.lwo
ChangeObject 0
ShowObject 7 0
Group 0

ADDING a new entity, like "Alias 'trailer_plane' ", seems pretty darn simple to me. You'd lose aliases if you went back a version, but going forward, it seems simple.

To continue the AE analogy: AE doesn't preserve the Layer name anywhere but in the AEP file.

You wouldn't WANT aliases anywhere in the LWO file anyway, would you? (BUT, if you did, you could stash one in the comments section of a SURFACE.)