View Full Version : accidental deletes of RTV file

Ed Roy
11-21-2003, 04:57 PM
I unfortuately deleted a VT3 RTV Video project I spent 2 weeeks on today and Can't find it....I know when one deletes files from VT3, it does not go to the "recycle bin". Where does it go? DOS? Windows? I really need it back since I spent over 2 weeks on this project and I know I can not duplicate the magic!
There has got to be an answer out there! I called Newtek Technical and they basically said, "Too bad, How sad". So much for support....I also called Microsoft and pretty much got the same answer.
I refuse to accept this defeatist attitude from compassionless tech support.....I will remember you in my WILL if you can help!Other Newtek users have had to be where I am at! Thank you
ps....solution? call me on my cell in D.C. @202-297-9189/ I operate on XP pro......

11-22-2003, 06:08 AM
Ouch a thousand times!!!!:eek:
If you just deleted the EDL, you should still be able to call up the un-do stack. Sort by date, and call up the last un-do stack and all will be honky-dory.
If you have an "un-erase" program, you can probably search in there.
If you dumped the whole folder and footage as well, you're probably screwed.
I really, really wish you well!