View Full Version : Bullet deforming bodiesand bones, tips tutorials etc?

05-12-2014, 12:46 AM
well...this isnīt coming along nicely for me, canīt for the life of me figure out how to get this working.

Deforming bodies with bones and bullet...
what I see in the manual, You can parent a bullet controlled kinematic object to A bone and animate it with ik...duhh?

How do one go about to set this up, initially I thought bullet should work with bones simply by just creating bones and move them and bullet should take care of this ..like cloth fx sort of.
I do know that the deformed object needs to be subpatched and set to last or after displacement.

but it is to vaguely described on how to set it up with additional kinematic objects and ik chain for it to work, I tried with a genoma spine and made the master null kinematic, but that wonīt work.

tips, guides or did I miss a tutorial somewhere?

Edited...found this old one, and noticed rino doing some bones and dynamics at the end, will check that.

Edited ...well got it working sort of now, at least following Linoīs demonstration....and his name is of course Lino not rino as I wrote before:D
seem to be working nicely, though I think the main reason I started this thread, it might have been how we start thinking about what should be deforming or not, as Lino also sort of mixed up here in the tutorial, itīs the opposite of old cloth fx where all is clothfx unless fixed,
and in bullet it is the opposite...with the mesh filter that is.


05-12-2014, 04:17 AM
yepp..got it working now with my own stuff too with deforming bodies and bones, need of course set a weight map for the whole deforming body limb/tail which I was testing, and set shape retention to 100& and also set the shape lock to translation and rotation, give it some weight and libms or tail can hit the other bullet partīs such as rigid bodies or even fractured parts.

the deforming body also deforms when hitting a rigid body, though when I made a fractured piece for it to hit it wasnīt the same, but maybe it works properly with just the right setting...will have to continue with testing.